2015 - Modifications to Middle Slip Jetty

Work by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to ready Portsmouth Naval Base for the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers is well underway. As part of the project DIO is rebuilding Middle Slip Jetty so it can accommodate HMS Queen Elizabeth when she arrives in Portsmouth in early 2017. This 276 metre jetty was built in the 1920s and last upgraded in the 1970s. Earlier this year DIO appointed a principal contractor to upgrade the structure as part of a package of work to prepare for the ships. Additional facilities include providing a high voltage electrical supply, upgrading the existing drinking water system and navigational aids. Dredging work to ensure the harbour is deep and wide enough for the carriers will be carried out with work expected to start at the end of this year. The Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers are the largest ships ever commissioned for the Royal Navy. These ships will be a testament to the best of British engineering and technology thus the modifications will ensure that Portsmouth continues in its proud maritime traditions and is the home of the carriers for decades to come.