1989 - No. 2 Basin Re-opened

May. No. 2. Basin re-opened. Admiral Sir William Staveley, First Sea Lord, unveiled a commemorative plaque that officially re-opened No.2 Basin. With the closure of HMS Vernon, Mine Counter Measures Vessels (MCMV) were allocated berthing facilities in No. 2 Basin and shore facilities that included the old Steam Factory. So that MCMV could come and go at any state of the tide the caisson to the basin was removed making it a tidal basin. Shortly afterward it was discovered that the western wall had moved outwards. The caisson was replaced to maintain a constant water level while a survey was conducted on the old 1845 wall. The contract cost of the wall stabilisation programme was £3.9 million and was commenced in December 1987.

During the 1950-70’s, the berths on the western side of the basin gradually developed into a submarine refit centre and during the later stages of these refits submarines would run their engines on basin trials; it was generally thought that running of engines gradually undermined the wall foundations.