1979 - Floating-up of TCL 05

The floating up of TCL 05 in D Lock was performed by Mrs Pamela Hart the wife of DCP (Cdr. Bill Hart). Before launching the bottle down a wire on to the bows of the vessel Mrs Hart said: “I feel sure that the value and quality of her future service will more than justify the effort, skill and professional workmanship provided by all involved in building her”. Unfortunately the bottle got snagged half way down and had to be broken over the bows by one of the men on the vessel. The ceremony was watched by many of those who had built her and the crew of HMS Antrim that was sharing the lock. The ship gave an air of festivities by adding suitable music over her broadcasting system. Like her predecessors TCL 01, and 03, 05 were constructed of segments made in the Welding and Heavy Plate Shops and assembled in the lock. They were designed in dockyard; 05 were the last of five such vessels to be ordered 02 and 04 were built in Devonport.

On entering service 05 was known as RMAS 1905, ironically she was the last vessel to be built in the dockyard and her number is the year of the Dreadnought building programme that set the eyes of the World on Portsmouth’s dockyard shipbuilding skills.