1978 - Closure of Haslar Gunboat Yard

26th May. Haslar Gunboat Yard closes. Built between 1856-57 principally for the refit and storage of gun-boats, it came under Ship Group 1 in the dockyard.

The last vessel refitted in the yard was MFV (Motor Fishing Vessel) 119. She was built by the Gosport firm of John Morris & Co. Accepted by the Admiralty on 29th February 1944 and allocated to the United States Forces at Southampton. She sailed with the US Forces Omaha beach on D-Day as Unit 30971. The Americans used her for ferrying stores between Southampton and Le Havre. She was returned to the Admiralty 17th April 1945. She later went to Rosyth operating as a tender to HMS Queensferry and later at HMS Lochinvar. She left Rosyth on the 22nd June 1964 in tow of the tug Warden for Portland.