1944 - Post D-Day Repairs

Post D-Day. There was a period of calm and operations such as supply, casualty reception and marshalling prisoners of war were dealt with.

By the 10th of June numbers of damaged ships returning to Portsmouth steadily increased. During the weeks after D-day work on the following was undertaken:-

Cruisers, Destroyers and Fleet Minesweepers:76 Under repair; 5 dry-docked.

LST. 44 Under repair; 22 dry-docked.

LCT. 247 Under repair; 203 dry-docked.

Trawlers, Drifters, etc. 65 Under repair; 16 dry-docked.

Miscellaneous craft. 25 Under repair; 13 dry-docked.

Coastal forces. 56 Under repair; 33 dry-docked.

Large scale repairs were carried out to the following vessels, which were patched up for completion elsewhere:-

Rattlesnake, Wrestler, La Surprise, Halstead, Pink, Persian, Kellet, Trollope, USS Nelson, LST 359, Fury, Goatland, Apollo and Scylla.