1940 - Air Attacks on Dockyard

11th July 1940 – 1 bomb in the Pocket north of D Lock and a stick in Fountain Lake with ex French vessel “Savorgnan de Brazza” damaged by near miss.

12 August 1940 – major attack. Near miss damaged floating crane in No. 3 Basin; damage to road at the south east corner of the Basin destroyed services and railway track and cut telephone lines; extensive damage around C Lock and between Pitch House and South Railway jetties with 3 Dockyard workers killed and 17 injured. Bomb in No. 1 Basin. HMS “Acheron” lying off the North West Wall disabled in stern; 3 bombs at west end of D Lock; in the Block Mills a bomb penetrated underground reservoir and killed 65 Dockyard workers using it as a shelter; HMS “Vernon” 3 HE bombs hit trench shelters and wounded 6 ratings.

10 September 1940

– Small raid on HMS “Dolphin”.