1936 - Launch of AURORA

20th August. Lady Fisher, wife of the Commander-in-Chief, launched the new light cruiser Aurora from No.5 slipway. The C-in-C said at the launch that Aurora had been built with all the perfection of workmanship for which Portsmouth Dockyard is renowned.

She had a most active war career serving much of it in the Mediterranean, where she received damaged on a number of occasions, operating with the famous Force K. She was also at Salerno, in the Aegean, the landing in Southern France and the liberation of Athens.

On the 19th May 1948 she was sold to Nationalist China and renamed Chung King. Later she defected to the communists and was renamed Tchoung King, but was sunk by Nationalist aircraft in Taku harbour in March 1949. She was later salvaged and re-named Hsuang Ho, Pei Ching and finally, in 1951, Kuang Chou.