1935 - Silver Jubilee Fleet Review

16th July. King George V’s Silver Jubilee Fleet Review. There assembled 157 major warships over 60 merchant ships and hundreds of smaller craft it was an impressive show of strength.

From 10 o’clock until midnight the whole fleet was illuminated and such a sight had never been witnessed before, not even in the days of the Crystal Palace fireworks. Ship after ship broke out into a glory of coloured lights and decorative schemes; there were Imperial Crowns, glittering in the true colours of the jewel and brilliants, there were representations of the crests of the ships, and, to crown all, sudden black-outs followed by thousands of rockets.

When all the ships were illuminated, the ships’ companies were all given candles. At a signal, they had to light them and the effect, lasting for about 10 minutes, was remarkable - an almost unending line of flickering lights along the guardrails.