1907 - Launch of BELLEROPHERON

27th July. Another great day for the dockyard as thousands of people flowed into the yard to witness the launching of the improved Dreadnought, HMS Bellerophon. The christening was performed by Princess Henry of Battenberg.

She was one of a class of three ships the others being Superb & Temeraire. Laid down on 3rd Dec 1906 and completed February 1909. They were basically the same as Dreadnought with modifications.

Commissioned April into the 1st Division of the Home Fleet. Was in collision with Inflexible at Portland 26th May 1911. Was in collision with SS St Clair on 28th August 1914. Served with the 4th BS of the Grand Fleet throughout the war and was at Jutland (no damage or casualties). 1919 placed in reserve. Turret drill ship at Sheerness.

Discarded under the terms of the Washington Treaty 1921.

1907 - Launch of BELLEROPHERON