1867 - Sweet Fanny Adams

24th August. Young Fanny Adams from Alton was cruelly murdered and partly dismembered. At that time the process of tinning meat for the Navy was still in its infancy and the rumour spread that parts of young Fanny were tinned for consumption by the navy in the Victualling factory at Gosport. Tins of meat quickly became known as tins of Sweet Fanny Adams.

The empty tins, often called “fannies”, found a use in the Dockyard as containers for liquids such as tea. Later, when training centres for apprentices were established in the Dockyard, Coppersmith and Plumber apprentices would earn a few extra shilling by making copper tea fannies for dockyard men that could be filled with water and boiled on rivet fires. These came in various sizes from a one man to a 10 man fanny.