1856 - Return of Wounded from Crimea

12th May. The Queen was at Portsmouth when a troopship arrived from the Crimea with a large number of wounded men and invalids on board. The Queen expressed a wish to see them. The men were drawn up in two lines stretching from the Dockyard Gate to and beyond the Admiral Superintendent’s office (at the head of where HMS Victory is to-day). After passing through the two lines, stopping to express her sympathy here and there, the Queen took her place on an improvised grandstand and the troops marched past in review. First came the Hussars in threes, then those invalids that could walk marched past the Queen in their motley uniforms. Following these came several omnibuses with invalids who could not walk. Bringing up the rear came a number of poor fellows in cots, whose frail attempts to acknowledge the graciousness of their Queen was full of pathos.