1845 - Sir John Franklin Expedition

19th May. Sir John Franklin sailed to find the North West Passage in the “Erebus” and “Terror”. They were last sighted on the 26 July at the head of Baffin Bay.

after which the two ships were never seen again. 39 expeditions were dispatched in search of the missing ships but to no avail. It was not until 1859 that a cairn was discovered by Captain McClintock in the steam yacht Fox containing the log of the expedition up to 25th April 1848. It showed that the two ships became stuck fast in the ice near King William’s Island and after eighteen months they were abandoned and the crews tried to march to safety but disappeared into a white wilderness.

At the very end of Point, Old Portsmouth, stood a hotel called the Star and Garter that saw in its day the likes of Howe, St. Vincent and Nelson lodging there. It is said that Sir John Franklin lodged there with his wife prior to his departure on the ill-fated voyage and that on the anniversary of his sailing his wife would visit the Star and Garter and stay in the same room. Tragically, the Hotel fell victim to the German bombing in the Second World War.