1844 - Visit by King Louis Philipe

8th October. The French King, Louis Philipe, who was escorted by a French squadron, visited the Dockyard and Town.

The Royal Yacht Gomer brought the French King into the harbour. After visiting the Queen at Windsor, the King accompanied, by her Majesty and Prince Albert, returned by rail to Gosport. It was intended that they should dine aboard the Gomer. But before embarking a violent gale of wind and rain forced them to seek shelter in the offices of the Superintendent and Storekeeper. After remaining here for some time the French King being subjected to bouts of sea sickness, determined that he should cross the Channel from Dover and shortly after left by train for that purpose. The Royal Party in the mean time had become very hungry. There upon Mr. Grant, the Storekeeper, who had made provision for some friends to dine with him, offered the hospitality of his house, which was gratefully accepted, the distinguished guests sitting down in three relays and eating with the keenest relish the good food provided for others.