1843 - Seventeen Acres Added to Dockyard

Seventeen acres added to the Dockyard to provide facilities for the new steam Navy.

29th May. Rear Admiral Hyde Parker, CB lays the first stone to the new Steam Basin. To-day this is known as No. 2 Basin. New construction work involved four new docks (including 7 & 8 Docks), the Steam Factory, the Brass Foundry, the New Smithery and a Steam Saw Mills. The New Smithery was one of the largest built at that time. No.5 Mast House & Mast Store was also part of this programme of work although built in the southern part of the yard. The Mast Store was built just north of No.7 Boathouse and of similar construction to the Mast House; it was lost through enemy bombing during the Second World War. (See 1848). No. 9 Dock was sited at the north western corner of the yard. It was later filled in as it proved to shallow for the tides.