1835 - HMS PIQUE

22nd September. The 36 gun Frigate HMS Pique commanded by Captain, The Hon. H.J. Rous, struck on rocks off the coast of Labrador. She beat heavily until the morning of 23rd when she was hove off. The ship, leaking badly, proceeded to England through strong westerly gales. She reached St Helens Roads on the 13th October.

When dry docked large rocks were found to be lodged in her bottom, if they had fallen out the ship would have foundered and her crew of 350 and passengers would have perished. One of the Rocks is now on display in the Heritage area of the Dockyard.

Years later Rous campaigned for Parliament and during an open meeting a heckler shouted: “Who are you?”. Rous replied: “The man who brought the Pique home”. It was enough to secure his seat.