1822 - Dockyard Re-organised with Major Redundancies

Dockyard re-organised and labour force reduced to 2,200 (see 1722, 1775, 1790 and 1837). 900 Dockyard men laid off.

The ancient offices of the Clerk of the Survey, Clerk of the Ropeyard (see 1545) Master Mast Maker, Master Boatbuilder, Master Carpenter, Master Caulker and Master Joiner were abolished. Most of the Foremen of trades disappeared at this time also, leaving just the Master Shipwright, his assistants and a limited number of shipwright foremen who then took the title of Foremen Of the Yard which they jealously guarded until 1993 when they came in line with other civil service ranks. 22nd June. The Chief Clerk was given the title of Secretary to the Commissioner and from June 1832 the title changed to Secretary to the Admiral Superintendent.