1818 - Launch of WATERLOO

16th October. The launch of the 84 gun ship Waterloo from Portsmouth Dockyard.

A contemporary writer records: “Dear to the patriotic feelings of every Englishman - it must have been on the launching of the Waterloo. This assertion is born out by the vast crowds of attendance on the present occasion, greater, by far, than on any former launch within the recollection of the oldest; the noble crowd cannot be estimated at less than 20,000 persons. The harbour was covered with noblemen’s and gentlemen’s yachts, and pleasure boats of all descriptions. A great number of ladies and gentlemen were launched in her. Lord Howard of Effingham, having christened the ship, She moved into her proper element with that admirable stupendous magnificence and majestic ease, which render the completion of this highest achievement of human skill and science, at once the utmost gratification and pleasure of the spectator.”

She was originally laid down as the Talavera but the name was changed to Waterloo before launching. In 1824 she was renamed Bellerophon and became a harbour training ship at Portsmouth in 1848, and then a receiving ship in 1859. She was sold to a Mr. J. Read, a private buyer, for breaking up in 1892.