1808 - Launch of PODARGUS

26th May. The brig Podargus of 16 guns was launched from the Dockyard; she was designed by the Surveyor of the Navy and built by Dockyard shipwright apprentices. She became a receiving hulk at Portsmouth in 1822 and was broken up at Rotherhithe in 1833.

Podargus won fame in 1812 when in company with the 3rd rate ship Dictator, sloop Calypso and the gunbrig Flamer, sighted four Danish warships including the brand new 40 gun frigate Nayaden off Mardoe, Norway. It was decided to engage the enemy ships but the Danes ran for shore and proceeded up a narrow inlet. Podargus following ran aground, Flamer stood by her. Both ships were heavily engaged by shore batteries and suffered many casualties. She later succeeded in re-floating herself and again engaged the Danes. Nayaden was sunk and the other ships struck their colours.