1796 - Elevated Water Tank & Other Dockyard Works

20th March. Work started on the Elevated Water Tank for securing the yard from fire, the apparatus was designed and erected by Sir Samuel Bentham and consisted of an elevated water reservoir holding some 900 tons of water, into which water is raised by steam engine, and distributed around the jetties and building of the dockyard by a pipe line. Work stopped on 17th April and commenced again on 21st December 1797 until 29th October 1799. The whole project was finally completed on 8th April 1808


Works continued £1417. 16s. 9d. To the new Mast Ponds. This plan for new Mast Pond was later abandoned.

Wharfs and slips on the South side of the Boat House Channel £904. 11s. 3d. This was sited on the north side of where No.6 Dry Dock is to-day.

Works to Wharfs, docks and basin, agreeable to General Benthams plan. £14973. 9s. 5d.