1782 - Dockyard Development

1782. Eight fine buildings were in the course of building as storehouses and workshops. These were sited in pairs too the northwest and southwest of Long Row with the timber berth in between. Looking from the Officer’s Lodgings of Long Row, west towards Gosport, must have presented a pleasing spectacle - looking over the neatly piled timber berths with the statue of William III in its centre and on down to the dry docks and basin all of which was flanked (north and south) by these new buildings.

The new buildings comprised of a Hemp Store, a Store for Fitted Rigging, a Mould Loft, House Carpenters Shop, Joiners shop, a Boat Store House and an Iron Store. The House Carpenter Shop and Boat Store were lost during the War of 1939-45 to German bombing; all the others have been altered to meet modern requirements.

No. 24 Store started. Additional storey added in 1939.

1782-84. Works excavated for the Storehouses for Fitting rigging, Rigging Houses and Rigging Stores, and the new South storehouse (No. 9 Storehouse) £9000.

Shipwrights shed built for £300 (see 1723 & 1737).