1782 - David Tyrie, Traitor

14th August. A David Tyrie, who being a Civil Servant in the Portsmouth Navy Office was observed, by a woman’s curiosity, transacting the sale of vital information to the French. They said Mr. Tyrie was apprehended, tried and convicted of High Treason. The punishment was DEATH… To be hung by the neck until nearly dead and then cut down and while still conscious his bowels taken out and burnt on pan before his eyes; and that head should then be taken off, and his body cut into four quarters and placed at the King’s disposal. The sentence was carried out on Southsea Common where a mob later tore the body to pieces. Ladies were said to be like wild cats trying to dip their handkerchiefs in his blood. The Town Jailer ran off carrying the bleeding head under his arm, which he later exhibited in the town for profit. This was the last time this form of execution was used in England