1717 - The Parade (Long Row)

The Parade (Long Row) built. It was said to have been the design of the Master Shipwright at the time, John Naish. To the rear of these buildings were long vegetable gardens with an even older fish pond. Originally the front of the Terrace showed the deep red brick of which they were built. In 1833 they were rendered in stucco.

Spithead House, The residence of the Admiral Superintendents of the Dockyard is an 1832 enlargement of No.9. Long Row. It was renamed Mountbatten House in 1993 when the Commandant General of Royal Marines moved to Portsmouth

and needed a secure residence.

The Flag Officer, Portsmouth, was re-accomodated in the former Commodore of HMS Nelson’s residence, in the grounds of the old Trinity Church in the Dockyard, which was re-named Spithead House.