1711 - Fraud, Ships, Dockyard Employees & loss of EDGAR

Thomas Ridge and James Dixon forced to admit fraud to a Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry over the supply of beer to the Navy. Ridge claimed to have delivered 124,400 barrels of beer at a price of £66,300 between January 1707 & October 1710. He was forced to admit that in the two latter years he brewed only 19,278 out of 33,078 barrels, and paid Pursers @ 30 shillings a ton as compensation, whilst the Queen paid him 56 shillings. Ridge was expelled from Parliament and was bankrupted.

Royal Navy had 313 ships and smaller vessels.

Dockyard employed 21 officers and 2000 men at this date.

The “Edgar” (70 guns) blew up at Spithead in October with the loss of 400 lives.