1704 - Masthouse Built

Between 1704-14 a Masthouse was built just inside the Gate (Victory Gate) on the waters edge, with a paved stone beach that formed a slipway. From a plan of that period one would assume that a small amount of land reclamation was necessary. Part of the building was demolished in 1939 to make way for the present day No. 4 Boathouse The old timber mast house was sold to a contractor who marked and numbered all the timbers and then demolished the northern half of the building. Fate was not to shine on the luckless contractor, for on the outbreak of war (1939-45) the standing southern part was retained in use until it was destroyed a little later in the blitz. The part of the old paved stone beach to the northern section of the old Masthouse can still be partly seen today under No.4 Boathouse.