1689 - Dockyard Survey

The Commissioner wrote to the Porter, Mr C. Breckwith ( He lived in the Porters Lodge just inside the Dockyard Gate):-

whereas I find inconvenience ariseth to ye great prejudice of His Majesty‟s service by selling of strong beer at your house, in debauching workmen and others to ye ruin of theire families and other material disservices………These are to direct and require you that after ye 10th day of June ensueing you do not presume to sell any sort of strong liquor whatsoever or to harbour any workmen in your house as ye will answer the contrary at your peril.”

Survey of the Royal Dockyard. New Dry Dock (250 ft long 68ft wide had a depth of 24ft 3 inches) and two Wet Docks ordered to be built. The Dry Dock, big enough to hold the longest vessels was known as The Great Stone Dock (Now known as No. 5 dock). Cost £8,116. The first ship to enter this dock was the Royal William on 22nd June 1698.

Samuel Pepys resigned as Secretary of the Admiralty and retired. He died on 26 May 1703 at Clapham.

Great mortality in fleet in harbour due to unwholesome food. List of Royal Navy ships at Portsmouth names 15 rated ships and 6 lesser craft.

1689 - Dockyard Survey