1665 - New Admiralty Residency

1665 the Great Plague of London had not yet reached Portsmouth when Commissioner Middleton, writes to Pepys:

Where I am now, wee are forced to packe nyne people in a roome to sleepe in, not above 16 foote one way and 12 foote the other. We are 26 in family in Mr.Mayour‟s house,9 of which are small children. What comfort can a man have in such conditions soe being together?…..But that I have a boddy that can endure any things I had been dead.

It had been the custom for the Admiralty Commissioner to lodge with the Mayor in the town of Portsmouth and from the letter one can feel for poor Middleton; certainly Pepys did, for he agreed a fine new residency to be built in the Dockyard.