1660 - Charles II visit

Restoration of Charles II who visited Portsmouth with his mother Henrietta Maria.

Navy had 154 ships and lesser craft totalling 57,463 tons. All were in a shocking state of disrepair.

August. A Dockyard apprentice who had unwisely taken a wife was carried out of the Yard by the other apprentices as incapable of working with them. Whereupon the Deputy Mayor arrested some of the apprentices and clapped them in the White House (town Jail). Representations was made to the Admiralty by Dockyard officials , who pointed out “that if apprentices be tolerated in breach of the indentures they will be as free as their masters.” They also stated “that if Dockyard workers could be arrested in this way it would leave the dockyard 22 open to violence.” The Admiralty‟s reply has not be preserved but there was no further interference by the Civil authorities in Dockyard affairs and it is generally believed they were made to eat humble pie.