1560 - Refortification of Portsmouth

In August of 1560 Richard Popynjay was appointed Surveyor of Portsmouth and started to re-plan many parts of its fortification. There is no doubt that this was much delayed by plague that visited Portsmouth killing off 250 people between March and October. It had already been decided that the great need of the country were:

1…..The fortifieing of Portesmouth.16

2…..The fortifieing of Berwike to be accomplished.

3…..The repairing of Beaucastle in Tyndal.

4…..The Fortifieing at the Blakbanke.

5…..Amending the peir at Dover.

To pay for these works of national importance, Queen Elizabeth inaugurated the first state lottery. The tickets were on sale from 1566, but the draw did not take place until January 1569. The number of tickets sold was 400,000, at ten shillings each. The first prize was £5000 made up of £3000 in cash with £700 worth of plate and the rest in tapestries and linens. 25 prizes were of the value of £100 of more and every subscriber got back half a crown.