1540 - Expenses of the King’s Ships

Expenses of the King’s ships were £1,425 a month with 1613 seamen serving in the Navy.

About this date John Leland traveller, and spy for King Henry VIII visited Portsmouth and left a description of Portsmouth –

“There is at the [east] point of the haven Portsmouth town, and a great round tourre almost doble in quantite and strenkith to that is on the west side of the haven right again it: and here is a might [y] chaine of yren to draw from toure to towre. About a quarter of a mile above this tower is a great dok for shippes, and yn this dok lyith yet art of rybbes of the Henry Grace of Dieu one of the biggest shippes that hath beene made. There be above this dok 2 crekes in this part of the haven.”