1522 - Ye Mightie Chaine of Yron

Heavy iron chain to draw across the harbour entrance ordered by the King - Ye Mightie Chaine of Yron. (Some links of a later chain are on show in Southsea Castle Museum and in the Dockyard Trust Collection.) The first mention of this chain is found in a Navy account presented in February 1522:

For the making of chains to be drawn over the Portsmouth Haven……….£40. 0. 0.

Hiring of boats bearing the chains from 12th June until 31st January., At 8pence the ton month………….£21. 9s. 0.14

It is generally believed that there were three chains laid across the harbour mouth at times of an invasion scare. 1522, 1664 and 1801. At various times booms have been stretched across the harbour to prevent entry.