1509 - Building of the Mary Rose

Saw the building of the Mary Rose and Peter Pomegranate at Portsmouth.

The Mary Rose became flagship of the King‟s Fleet She was later rebuilt in the Dockyard. Along with the Sovereign these three ships were for many years the most powerful vessels in the Navy, and possibly the world. In 1522 Sir William Fitzwilliam related in a letter to the king that the ship Henry sailed as well or better than any ship in the fleet and that she could weather them all except the Mary Rose.

This year there are payments for the breaking up on the dockhead, where the Regent lay, – having the said ship afloat out of the same dock into the haven of Portsmouth – making a scaffold with mast for the sure setting on end of her main mast?

Portsmouth is the only Dockyard in the King‟s service at this time.