1206 King John - Constable of Southampton

King John orders the Constable of Southampton:

As you value our honour and the peace of our kingdom, as soon as You receive these letters you are at once without delay to visit Southampton, Portsmouth, Keyhaven, Christchurch, Yarnmouth And other places of your district. There you are to arrest all ships Suitable for our voyage and capable of carrying eight horses or more Manning them with good seamen at our expense. They are to be sent to Portsmouth without delay, to arrive by Whitsunday Eve or earlier if Possible. Every ship is to be equipped with brows (pontes) and hurdles (Cleie) * A list is to be made up showing the owners‟ name the number of Seamen in each ship and how many horses each carry. If any of the ships be laden with merchandise or anything else, you are to have her discharged and sent on our service at our expense as aforesaid…..

* This was for embarking horses, and for making stalls to keep them secure while at sea.