Kings Theatre Programme

‚ÄčThis programme for Royal Dockyard School Centenary Prize Distribution at the Kings Theatre held on 27th March 1943 (at the height of WW 2) indicates the status in which the Dockyard Schools were regarded. At least one full admiral and several rear-admirals were present. The Admiral Superintendent took the chair, and the prizes were presented by The First Lord of the Admiralty, The Rt. Hon. A.V.Alexander,CH, MP.

The prize winners included many who went on to become very senior members of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors. K.H.W.Thomas retired as Chief Executive Royal Dockyards & Head of Corps; E.W.Gardner became his Director responsible for Dockyard programmes and policy; M.Fisher became General Manager, Rosyth Dockyard; J.H.Bedbrook became General Manager, Devonport Dockyard, etc.

Royal Dockyard School

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