The Docking Register held by the PRDHT contains details of all dry-dockings undertaken by Portsmouth Dockyard between June 1936 and December 1979. These include dockings in the Floating Dock at Haslar Gunboat Yard, haul-outs at Horsea Island and Dockyard Torpedo Boat Slips, and the lifting ashore of X & XE class midget submarines. For each docking, the entries comprise:
Dock Location, Name of Ship, Dates of Docking & Undocking, Draught Marks on docking and again on undocking, reason for docking or work undertaken, and the signature of the Docking Officer.
To date we have digitised the entries (less draught marks) for all dockings between June 1936 & February 1956 and these may be searched by ship’s name using the key below. (Work to digitise the remainder of the Register will continue and will be made available as soon as possible.) Simply enter the ship’s name and we will show the date(s) when the ship was docked.