A major web site that contains comprehensive information about the Historic Dockyard, and links to other sites maintained by the several organisations within its ambit.


The Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust.


Portsmouth City Museum and Art Gallery.


A interesting and informative site that contains a history of the M.E.D. factory, apprentice entries from 1939 -53, names of foremen, inspectors, chargemen and estimators, Hurt book details, factory sports club and photographs.


Is published by Cranston Fine Arts and has a comprehensive history of the Dockyard with photographs.


Within Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard is the Dockyard Apprentice Museum


Official museum of the Royal Navy based in Portsmouth.


Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth 2005 Picture Book  (in Thai language)


The Portsmouth Dockyard Story: From 1212 to the present day.


Chatham Dockyard Historical Society


The RN Museum of Radar & Communications, HMS Collingwood


The Naval Dockyards Society


The Naval Historical Society of Australia


Local History Online - for news, resources, information, courses and nearly 1,000 local history links. Also a calendar of events and local history books for sale online.


Forces Reunited - The largest dedicated UK Forces Community on the web



Archived by British Library, US Library of Congress, and Bavarian State Library
Working with the Citizen Science Alliance Zooniverse Project/University of Oxford. A large source of information regarding naval affairs for the Great War, World War II and the Falklands War.


The City of Portsmouth has a long and distinguished history, much of it closely associated with the Armed Forces. This is reflected in the number of memorials, both Civilian and Military within the city. These pages are dedicated to the memory of all of those men, women and children commemorated on them.


This web site is dedicated to the Dockyard School staff, the January 1951 Entry Shipwrights and the IVth year upper-school students during their period 1954 to 1955.

Although it contains content with some photographs to jog memories it goes further by giving a background to the birth and death of the dockyard schools, that became a beacon for educational excellence at home and abroad. And as added interest, there are links to the history of Portsmouth Royal Dockyard and the support given to the Royal Navy over the centuries.


This site was brought to our attention by Alexandra Fuller who wanted to let us know how much her son, Adam, enjoyed the Naval / Maritime history on our Dockyard site. He wanted to share the articles on this site regarding the history of shipbuilding. This is just the sort of interaction we are seeking to foster with the public and are delighted to add the link as requested.


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