What is the Volunteer Support Group, and what does it do?

  The Volunteer Support Group comprises members of the previous Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Historical Society, a group of like minded, mainly ex-Dockyard employees, who had the common wish to preserve something of the “Old Dockyard” and to present it to the public.

  This was achieved to some extent by the exhibition which was built by members in Boathouse 7, which featured a limited range of trades and artefacts. At this time members, on a rota basis, manned the exhibition daily from about 10.00 to about 16.00. To raise funds, there was a voluntary contribution barrel, a souvenir counter selling various maritime related small items for children, and as primary source, the sale of Dockyard Books and Maps produced mainly by the Curator.

  These funds allowed the Society members to add or amend the exhibits to extend the exhibition, and to purchase any materials needed for construction and restoration work.

  Following the formation of the Trust in 1992, the members of the Society became the Trust Support Group, and in essence continued to collect and to restore historical material from the Dockyard, but without the exhibition which closed to allow a major restoration of the Boathouse, and subsequently the professional construction of the present Dockyard Apprentice exhibition which opened in 1994.

  The present exhibition, mounted by the Property Trust and maintained by the Volunteer Support Group is more comprehensive than the Society members were able to provide, displaying many more items.

  The current Volunteer Support Group are in reality the Working Group of the Trust, and it's members still fulfil the role of collecting, storing, restoring, researching and recording Dockyard related material, and to a limited extent, exhibiting small new displays from time to time within the framework of the Dockyard Apprentice exhibition and private exibits in No.10 Storehouse.

  When do the Volunteer Support Group meet ?

  The Volunteer Support Group meets regularly every Thursday, between 10.00 and about 15.30, in their office on the first floor (south) of No.10 Storehouse - entry via the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

  On the First Thursday of each month, there is a business meeting, to review the achievements of the prevous month, and to programme the next.

  What are the benefits of membership?

  Membership of the Volunteer Support Group either as an active member, or supportive member, enables more of the Historical Preservation of the “Old Dockyard” to be continued.

  Active membership allows real “hands-on” restoration of Dockyard artefacts, or recording the large collection of Drawings, documents and registers. On the other hand, as a non-active member, your interest helps keep the Group going, and you may have information or memories which can help our research work.

  How do I join ?

  You can download a leaflet about the Volunteer Support Group and an application form here: Leaflet & Application Form.

  Or contact the Honorary Membership Secretary,

  Mr R. Hazel, 183 Greenfield Crescent, Horndean. Waterlooville. Hants. PO8 9ER. Tel.: 02392 591053

  E-mail: members@portsmouthdockyard.org.uk

  Or the Honorary Secretary,

  Mr P. Davis

  E-mail: secretary@portsmouthdockyard.org.uk